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Races ideas
« on: December 14, 2010, 04:57:04 PM »
Some races ideas from players from my server.

Old one/The Elder[/b] [Race with about 2k hp, only with knife and (if it's posible) with a big skin/model and with a low speed ]
1. Nature Blessing: Increase speed and dmg [next level increase both]
2. Smashing: Deals area dmg [next lvl increases area]
3. Thorns: Decreases speed of nearby enemies [next lvl increases area and slowdown]
Ultimate: Roots: You can't move, reductes damage done to you, you gets more hp, immunity to ultimates and gives you a weapon [next lvl increases everything, and gives you better weapon]

3. Hill Giant [Increased hp (about 200) decreased speed, can't use sniper rifles, SMG i rifles]
1. Hardened skin: Decreases dmg given to you and increases hp [next lvl simply improves everything]
2. Mountain Roar: pushes enemies away from you and deals them damage [next lvl improves (ability)]
3. Resistant Skin: Gives immunity to ultimates and abilities [no further lvl]
Ultimate: Call of Mountains: Improves hp, speed, dmg and height of jump, when you use it, it uses Mountain Roar at the same time (even if it's not ready) [next lvl simply improves]

4. Spell Breaker
1. Magical Barrier: Blocks ultimates and decreases dmg given to you [next lvl simply improves]
2. Mana Burn: Each atack burns enemy's cash dealing dmg [next lvl simply improves]
3. Spell Intercept: Steals enemy's ability [(you can use it only once) next lvl decreases cooldown of (ability)]
Ultimate: Power Intercept: Steals enemy's ultiamte [(you can use that ultimate only once, after that you must steal it again) next lvl decreases cooldown]

5. Naisha
1.Glavia: your attacks bounces from enemy to enemy [next lvl increases the % of damage dealt by Glavia, and amount of bounces]
2. Moon Weapon: Increases dmg [next lvl simply improves]
3. Rush: Improves speed [next lvl simply improves]
Ultimate: Blessed Warrior: Improves speed, dmg, hp and height of jump [(passive) next lvl simply improves]

6. Zergling [smaller skin (something like demonic hound) less hp and knife only]
1. Claws: Atacks causes bleeding, dealing dmg and slows for a while [next lvl improves]
2. Hell strenght: Increases dmg [next lvl simply improves]
3. Perseverance: Improves speed and height of jump [next lvl improves]
Ultimate: Evolution: Improves all other skills [(passive) next lvl simply improves]

7. Undead Knight
1. Death Coil: Deals dmg to an enemy or heals your friend [next lvl simply improves(ability)]
2. Unholy Strenght: Gives chance for critical hit
3. Aura of Death: Regenerates hp and increases dmg [next lvl simply improves]
Ultimate: Rise from the Grave: Revive your friends on the area with low HP [next lvl improves number of revived and their hp]

8. Dwarven Miner
1. Gold prospector [Each turn you have a chance to get gold, next lvl improves chance and amount of gold]
2. Trap [Puts a invisible marker for enemies, when player stands on it, it deals small amount of dmg to him, and stuns him]
3. Dwarven endurance [Gets a large amount of hp, about 50 per level]
Ultimate: Sap [Chance for a mole]

9. Dragon Golem [race with increased hp, bulletproof vest, SMG, knife and grenades, decreases speed, and without possibility to jump]
1. Flame bullets: Decreases speed of your bullets, but they deals more dmg and burns (passive), you can also shot a one big fire ball to burn area (ability).
2. Weaponry: You spawns with TMP/mac10/MP5/UMP45/P90.
3. Energy Crystal: Improves speed
4. Spare cores: Regenerates hp and increases your max hp.
Ultimate: Main Core Overload: You can fly, increases max hp, improves power of Flame bullets (bullets deals damage on a small area, and fire ball is mush stronger), after that it causes a explosion dealing dmg to you, and all nearby enemies.