Author Topic: War3Source:EVO seeks help to create new kinds of races!  (Read 392 times)

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War3Source:EVO seeks help to create new kinds of races!
« on: July 04, 2016, 05:38:54 PM »
You can find War3Source Evolution project source and compiled on our Jenkins here:

I have implemented part of the SkillCraft engine into War3Source so that races will be able to create skills that are not attached to the race and be able to swap skills at anytime.

Help me create new races based on this technology!

NightElf in SkillCraft is different than Warcraft, but will help give you a basic layout for using War3Source's new abilities.  Anyone good a programming SourceMod should be able to help construct these new races!

Here is a link to SkillCraft's NightElf:

Here is a link to War3Source's implementation of SkillCraft:

With War3Source you'll only need to #include <war3source> and nothing else.  The above link for is for reference only.

Note the major difference between Race creation skills and Skill creation is this: War3_CreateNewSkill vs War3_AddRaceSkill.  For race creation you'll still need to use War3_CreateNewRace, but for skill creation without binding to the race use War3_CreateNewSkill.

For my concept to work, when a player changes race (OnRaceChanged), then you set the player's skills based on that race's skill level or whatever you decide.  Use War3_SetSkillSlot(int client, int skillslot, int newskillid), and SkillSlot being the Skill # you wish to assign the skill.  When a player leaves that race for another, then you make sure you reset that skillslot back to 0.

Well, it should work... but atm I still need to build the Menu system to handle the new information as it changes. :/
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