Author Topic: Csgo :M4A1: Server  (Read 493 times)


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Csgo :M4A1: Server
« on: June 13, 2016, 03:49:51 PM »
Sup, Here is my Server.
Global Offensive 128 TICK []
New York / New Jersey
Saves XP

It a new sever but we have had quite a few players already, good people, fun maps, and some neat plugins. Will be needing some admins once it gets more populated.
Website is still to come have not played around html it in a long time so I may need some help creating a site/forums if someone wants to jump on board with me i already have a domain. The server is up and running well.

Note: I dont have hl stats yet, cant seem to find the time to figure it out all so if you know how to hit me up.

Anyways, feel free to pop in and frag on!

dont forget to join the stream group :M4A1: for 20% xp while on the server