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[OldSkool Warcraft] -NumB- cLan Server
« on: July 01, 2015, 03:50:46 AM »


I want to introduce my new 32 players War3Source server...

It is United Kingdom located and has oldskool maps rotation (with vote system).

Maplist for the moment:

I hope we'll be added dust_castle, dust2002 maps in the future. We've to remake CS:GO version of these maps.

This server has only vanilla 8 races. I did this, because I think many of other races are unbalanced. I did want to bring CS 1.6 WCFT days to CS:GO so we can live this nostalgia again.

Items are purchaseable by money at default price like in CS 1.6 WC But modified some prices due to game dynamic and WC Addon differences.

The server has the following plugins:

-End Round Music
-Rank System
-Rock the Vote
and more...

Our website will also be in serve soon.

Server Name: [Oldskool Warcraft] -NumB- cLan Server
Server IP:
GameTracker Link: