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PL/EU Army of Light War3Source Server
« on: June 11, 2015, 04:49:18 PM »

I want to introduce my new 32 players War3Source server...

It is Warsaw located and has mixed official map rotation (with vote system).

This server has only vanilla 8 races. I did this, because I think many of other races are unbalanced. I did want to bring CS 1.6 WCFT days to CS:GO so we can live this nostalgia again.

Items are purchaseable by Money at default price like in CS 1.6 WC :)

The server has the following plugins:

-End Round Music
-Rank System
-Rock the Vote
  and more...

I only want kind and good games... I'll be waiting for your supports to live this nostalgia again...

Server Name: [PL] [Warcraft] Army of Light || [Vanilla 8 Races]
Server IP:
GameTracker Link:

Best Regards...