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help creating races
« on: July 18, 2014, 06:36:44 AM »
Hello there,

sorry if my english isn t very good but i am french ans its not the=at easy to put a thread in english. I am having a big problem creating new races. First of all you have to understand i have never rogramed of y life. I understand how basic things works but not farther. I Tried to create a Pinguin race and was very proud of myself, but one posted on my teams website our webmaster told me it was in eventscrit and we needed soe sourcemode. But Looking over different forums i just cant catch how to create races in sourcemode. In eventscript you don t really need programing skills, in sourcemode you do. here is the pinguin race i created in eventscript :

Code: [Select]
[The Big Mighty Pinguin]
   #Requirement section
   required           = 360
   maximum            = 0

   #Restrict section
   restrictmap        = ""
   restrictteam       = 0
   restrictitem       = ""

   #Other info
   author             = "shugdamed"
   desc               = "Have to learn to live with pinguines"
   spawncmd           = "es wcs_restrict event_var(userid) allowonly weapon_fiveseven 1 0 0 1"
   deathcmd           = ""
   roundstartcmd      = "es_msg #Allez petit pinguin on rush ca vite fait"
   roundendcmd        = ""
   preloadcmd         = ""
   allowonly          = ""
   onchange           = ""
   #Skill information
   numberofskills     = 5
   numberoflevels     = 4
   skillnames         = "WTF a pinguin|Pinguin Slide|Pinguin Eggs|Pinguin slap|Blizzard"
   skilldescr         = "Chance of confusing your attacker|you slide on the ice and speed up|because you cover your eggs 60% chance to gain 12-30% of the damage you do in attack, back as health|on each attach a chance of 2-8 % of disarming your ennemy|You call on to the ice and freez your ennemies"
   skillcfg           = "player_attacker|player_spawn|player_attacker|player_attacker|player_ultimate"
   skillneeded        = "0|0|0|0|8"

   #Skill specific information
      setting        = " es_xset wcs_time 1.4|es_xset wcs_time 2.2|es_xset wcs_time 2.6|es_xset wcs_time 3.0"
      racealias_bm2  = "es wcs drug event_var(userid) server_var(wcs_time);es wcs_xtell event_var(userid) r_banish attacker event_var(es_attackername) victim event_var(es_username) time server_var(wcs_time);es wcs_xtell event_var(attacker) r_banish attacker event_var(es_attackername) victim event_var(es_username) time server_var(wcs_time)"
      cmd            = "if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= 35) then wcs_xalias racealias_bm2"
      sfx            = "es_xdoblock wcs/addons/effect/bloodban"
            setting = "es_xset wcs_speed 1.30|es_xset wcs_speed 1.35|es_xset wcs_speed 1.40|es_xset wcs_speed 1.45|es_xset wcs_speed 2.30"
            cmd = "es wcs_setfx speed event_var(userid) = server_var(wcs_speed) 0;es_tell event_var(userid) #multi #green: #lightgreenYour speed is now#default server_var(wcs_speed)#lightgreen...."
            sfx = ""

      setting        = "es_xset wcs_divider 8|es_xset wcs_divider 7|es_xset wcs_divider 6|es_xset wcs_divider 5|es_xset wcs_divider 4.5|es_xset wcs_divider 4|es_xset wcs_divider 3.5|es_xset wcs_divider 3"
      racealias_us1  = "es_set wcs_dmg event_var(dmg_health);if (server_var(wcs_game) == dod) then es_xset wcs_dmg event_var(damage);es_xmath wcs_dmg float;es_math wcs_dmg / server_var(wcs_divider);es wcs_decimal wcs_dmg server_var(wcs_dmg);es wcs_setfx health event_var(attacker) + server_var(wcs_dmg) 0;es wcs_xcentertell event_var(attacker) c_leeched_a dmg server_var(wcs_dmg);es wcs_xcentertell event_var(userid) c_leeched_v dmg server_var(wcs_dmg)"
      cmd            = "if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= 60) then wcs_xalias racealias_us1"
      sfx            = "es_xdoblock wcs/addons/effect/undead"

      setting            = "es_xset wcs_chance 2|es_xset wcs_chance 4|es_xset wcs_chance 6|es_xset wcs_chance 8"
      racealias_fp4      = "es wcs drop event_var(userid) 1;es wcs_xtell event_var(userid) r_dropweapon attacker event_var(es_attackername) victim event_var(es_username);es wcs_xtell event_var(attacker) r_dropweapon attacker event_var(es_attackername) victim event_var(es_username)"
      #cmd                = "if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= server_var(wcs_chance)) then wcsx get isdead wcs_dead event_var(userid);if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= server_var(wcs_chance)) then es_xif (server_var(wcs_dead) = 0) then wcs_xalias racealias_fp4"
      cmd                = "if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= server_var(wcs_chance)) then es_xif (event_var(es_userdead) = 0) then wcs_xalias racealias_fp4"
      sfx                = ""

      setting        = "es_xset wcs_radius 250;es_xset wcs_freezetime 3|es_xset wcs_radius 300;es_xset wcs_freezetime 4|es_xset wcs_radius 350;es_xset wcs_freezetime 5|es_xset wcs_radius 400;es_xset wcs_freezetime 6|es_xset wcs_radius 450;es_xset wcs_freezetime 7|es_xset wcs_radius 500;es_xset wcs_freezetime 8|es_xset wcs_radius 550;es_xset wcs_freezetime 9|es_xset wcs_radius 600;es_xset wcs_freezetime 10"
      cmd            = "es_xdoblock wcs/tools/ultimates/default/wcs_ulti_roots"
      sfx            = ""
      cooldown       = "20"

I also wanted to create a TicTac Race but as i can t code in sourcemode maybe someone here can help me :

Skill 1 I am an Admin -- Slap target for 1damage 1/2/3/4 times (15 sec coldown)
Skill 2 Homemade TicTac -- speed up to a max of 1.7
Skill 3 I am cleaning up for you -- 10/20/30% chances of been a Maule
Ultimate I SAID NO CAMPING -- puts a beacon on everybody for 1 sec every 7/6/5/4 sec

If someone can help me code this or explain to me in a way a non programmer person can understand please.

Thanks very much for your help,



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Re: help creating races
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2014, 07:20:29 AM »
technically it is programming. but there is a lot to learn before one can program a war3 race