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About War3Source (W3S)
« on: July 08, 2010, 06:34:51 PM »
War3Source (W3S) brings the Warcraft 3 leveling style and races into the game. It is originally based on the amxmodx (AMX) version War3FT.

Each standard race has total of 16 levels, made up of 3 skills and one ultimate where each skill/ultimate can be leveled 4 times for a total of 16 levels. We pay attention to the quality of the races, not the quantity.

All races are to be "balanced" with their own unique style of game play. The last race should not be the strongest and the first race should not be the weakest.

War3Source features a modular design where races can be coded independently and loaded into the main plugin.

There are also items in W3S as there are in all Warcraft mods.

War3Source is written in SourcePawn under SourceMod, its extensible and less likely to be broken by an update.

War3Source is not WCS (warcraft-source), and do not call it or refer to it as WCS (or even just "warcraft source") for any reason. W3S and WCS are similar such as they feature the same races, but are still different in leveling strategies and race restrictions. War3Source involves more interaction between races, and has a buff/debuff system where races are expected to respect other race's buffs and debuffs.

W3S came first to the source engine, WCS came later but matured faster under the nature of ES/Python prototyping
languages but is limited in performance and features compared to W3S.

W3S was originally founded by Anthony Iacono (AKA "pimpinjuice") and is also the founder of superhero mod (SH).
Yi (Derek) Luo (AKA "Ownage | Ownz", "DarkEnergy") is the second developer of War3Source
and took over primary develpement after march 2010.
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