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I play a mod of War3 Source on TF2. It has alot of star craft themed races, and my favorite is Zerg Queen. Since i'm about to max it out, I figured i'd create a 'summon' race for the Queen: Kerrigan. Kerrigan is basically the new evil badass chick in StarCraft 2. She wrecks shit. Since she's basically the head zerg...person...thing...So. this race basically takes everything from Zerg Queen and makes it well...better. But not to the point where it's OP.

Regular abilities:

Pneumatized Carapace
Gives you a speed boost, 10-25% faster

Ensnaring Parasite
All attacks have a 5-45% chance to infest the player with a parasite that drains energy and slows them for up to 40% for 5 seconds. The parasite has a 5-45% chance to spread to other (enemy) players.

Regenerating Carapace
A light carapace that that takes damage up to 60%, and regenerates.

Ultimate Meiosis
Greatly Increases the amount of energy you start with.

Ultimate attacks:

Ultimate: Psionic Storm [Minimum Level 8]
Every enemy in 25-60 feet range will be damage continuously while in range (special note, In SC2, Kerrigan gains this ability as soon as she turns all super zerg and stuff.)

Queen of Blades - Upon activation, all Melee attacks become critical for up to 12 seconds.
Once activated, player can only use melee their weapon until ultimate resolves.

Level 1 - 3.0 seconds
Level 2 - 5.0 seconds
Level 3 - 8.0 seconds
Level 4 - 12.0 seconds

Ravaged Terran- Body swap/doppleganger terran ultimate.
Upon successful infestation, the victim dies instantly and a bot is summoned in their place. The bot has all the same properties as the player (same name, team color, and class). The bot will target and kill the player's team mates. I see this ultimate as kind of a seamless "swap" when activated. I'm thinking the Eternal Reward death effect activates, an the bot is standing there running amok. But to be fair, i'd change something about it's appearance...

Level 1. Player is killed, terran summoned.
Level 2. Player is killed, terran summoned, damage mod added.
Level 3. Player is killed, terran summoned, damage mod added, Level 4 Ensnaring Parasite effect added.
Level 4. Player is killed, terran summoned, damage mod added, Level 4 Ensnaring Parasite effect added, explodes on death.

Ultimate: Flyer [Minimum Level 8]

Allows you to fly until you run out of Fuel.

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