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Releases / Announcements / War3Source:Built-in Updater (war3 update)
« on: November 03, 2015, 09:34:04 PM »
war3_update command allows the server to automatically download new compiled .smx your server. This allows server owners to quickly update to the latest version of war3source (smx files only) to test new changes.
On issuing the war3_update command, it will print out available updates to download, the larger the number, the later the build. You are allowed to download a previous version of the build too.
The updater overwrites files into plugins/w3s, any files existing in plugins/w3s_custom will be skipped
The versions available for update are automatic builds from Github and Jenkins

More information is available ok the

War3: Source - General Discussion / blast from the past
« on: April 01, 2015, 05:40:18 PM »

was restoring my server...found this pic

who remembers playing on VGA resolution?

Releases / Announcements / SMF forum upgraded to 2.0.9
« on: January 01, 2015, 05:17:07 PM »
SMF forum upgraded to 2.0.9

I don't see any good chat box modifications that are compatible with 2.0.9, anyone have suggestions for ones that are compatible with 2.0.9?

War3: Source - General Discussion / W3S Auto updater
« on: June 15, 2014, 04:10:40 PM »
I am thinking of an auto updater plugin, it will download jenkins compiled .smx files onto your server when server admin runs an update manually.

However, this is hard to do when user has custom content. How should we handle versioning and custom content? The user may have compiled their own version of the race with slighly different numbers.

If user has his own version of a race, how do we deal with it?

Proposal 1:
User must have two directories under plugins folder:

if a file exists in w3s_custom folder, autoupdate will not overwrite or update the file into w3s_autoupdated folder. This way the user just has to keep custom content in a separate folder that forces an override.

on the update server ( there is no need to keep track of versioning for each single release as user can run update at will and no custom content shall be overwritten.

If user wants to update / revert back to an older version, the w3s_autoupdated folder will be wiped and freshly downloaded with an newer / older version while skipping files that already exists in w3s_custom folder.

Only smx is updated

User must enter a second command to confirm update, with warning that it will overwrite specified autoupdated folder

Proposal 2 by El Diablo:
If people don't want certain files overwritten, have them add those files to a INI file in the configs directory.  War3source can search that file, add it to an array, and make sure those files do not get touched on update... Or reject updating if one of those files might need the update... Just don't update at all if the file is in the list.

Proposal 3 by Necavi:
add a function to the war3source include which spits out the build number it was compiled with, defaulting to custom if it is a raw compile. Custom compiled .smx will not be automatically overwritten

War3: Source - General Discussion / War3_AddSkillBuff
« on: June 21, 2013, 05:45:29 PM »
native War3_AddSkillBuff(raceID, skill, W3Buff:buff, any:values[]);
native War3_AddItemBuff(itemID, W3Buff:buff, any:value);
native War3_AddAuraSkillBuff(raceID, skill, W3Buff:buff, any:values[],
                             String:auraShortName[], Float:distance,

are all these recall safe? as in i can call these functions over and over and over and it will overwrite existing values instead of creating a memory leak?

Releases / Announcements / 1.2.4.x
« on: October 23, 2012, 07:43:07 PM »

Ownz: fixed extension crash on plugin unload
changed extension helper plugin detection

El Diablo: SQL_EscapeString used when saving names. (') still removed

Remy Lebeau: Fixed iAdditionalMaxHealthNoHPChange Periapt of Health bug

El Diablo: XP/Gold reward for killing Halloween Boss Horseman

 - W3Faction() changed default variable from FALSE to TRUE as using TRUE
   should be the default method of setting factions on War3PluginReady/whatever.
 - Fixed Succubus Hunter "Gold leak"
 - ShopMenu1 Items are now denyable (W3DENY::DN_CanBuyItem1).
 - Minor fixes for W3Event DoShowParticularRaceInfo, DoShowPlayerInfoTarget and DoShowPlayerItemsOwnTarget to handle invalid(aka 'denied') event args properly.
 - Levelbank is now denyable (W3DENY::DN_ShowLevelbank).
 - CSGO support for ClanBonusXP added :)
 - XP Multipler added(2 new cvars: war3_xp_multipler and war3_gold_multipler) have fun!
 - CSGO longjump fix

Glider: When you use one of the War3 functions to heal
 (War3HealToHP, War3_HealToMaxHP, War3_HealToBuffHP)
 in TF2 you now get the amount healed shown in the HUD like you'd expect in TF2
Revan: Added stock W3GetRandomPlayer.

iAdditionalMaxHealthNoHPChange buff added, this buff does not automatically change the player's HP when set

interface number changed, to force a recompile. Otherwise bugs will exists when mixing compiled interface versions

interface number changed, to force a recompile. Otherwise bugs will exists when mixing compiled interface versions


Tutorials / searcher
« on: May 28, 2012, 12:00:24 PM »

only searches all .inc that is in W3Incs, (HEAD revision on the SVN) for functions (and parameter names)

Releases / Announcements / Great job contributing to war3source!
« on: March 14, 2012, 07:47:45 PM »
You guys have outdone yourselves!

This quarter has been the business at University of Washington yet you guys came an filled in the gaps. Take a look at the SVN changelog and you will see most changes are not made by me. You guys made actually made useful commit comments, something i lack LOL.

War3: Source - General Discussion / Generic Skills!!!
« on: December 19, 2011, 07:46:10 PM »
I have cooked something that you will all love (and hate because it will make duplicate races easy as pinkie pie)

A generic skill can be created and other races utilize it with possible custom parameters which is dependent on the generic skill implementation

for example, the evasion skill will accept an array of 5 floats to define its chances per level
the generic evasion skill is implemented in rainbow dash, but night elf uses it

first the generic skill is created
then each race designates a skill to use that generic skill. the race gets skillID to itself as usual, but the generic skill does all the work.

the generic skill will do all the level checking. The race engine searches for the skill level the player currently has, and redirects that level to the generic skill level amount.

WAY too ****ing easy
Code: [Select]
new Float:EvadeChance[5]={0.0,0.05,0.10,0.15,0.20};
new evasiondata=CreateArray(5,1);
and your done, the generic skill does ALL the precautions and checks (immunity, hex) for you.

*Disclaimer: if you create copycat races out of greed to earn money, i will hunt you down
Credits to Necavi and his WCX engines, which will be possibly converted to generic skills
Credits to Glider for <insert something here>.

Releases / Announcements / Winter break!!!
« on: December 15, 2011, 06:31:55 PM »


some of my own todos:
check out some of the submitted races
auto war3 updater
new buff engine cache type

Development and Programming Help / merge the forwards!
« on: November 08, 2011, 10:26:52 AM »
//when player dies, fires only in war3 mode
forward OnWar3EventDeath(victim,attacker);

//New forward that replaces OnWar3EventDeath to add showing the deathrace
forward OnW3EventDeath(victim,attacker,deathrace);

//very generic damage event
forward OnWar3EventPostHurt(victim,attacker,dmgamount);

//Adds War3 damage bool, preventing the need for constant W3IsDamageWarcraft() lookups
forward OnW3EventPostHurt(victim,attacker,dmgamount,bool:isWarcraft);

forwards should be backwards compatible. i don't want two of these to exist, so just change the interface and the existing forwards to:

forward OnWar3EventDeath(victim,attacker,deathrace);
forward OnWar3EventPostHurt(victim,attacker,dmgamount,bool:isWarcraft);

and if old races fail with the new forwards, i will force an interface change, thats more consistent than having two redundant forwards

Releases / Announcements / This pleases Ownz
« on: November 07, 2011, 01:58:08 PM »
157 / 77%
170 / 99%
4.5 / 72 %

if you have no idea this is, then get educated </jk>

War3: Source - General Discussion / lets OVERLOAD
« on: October 21, 2011, 11:55:26 PM »

Races / Items - Ideas for new races and discussion / [MLP:FIM] Fluttershy
« on: October 14, 2011, 10:21:01 PM »
   thisRaceID=War3_CreateNewRace("[MLP:FIM] Fluttershy","fluttershy");
      SKILL_STARE=War3_AddRaceSkill(thisRaceID,"Stare","stare at target, 300 range, disarms and immobilizes you and target for 1.5-3 seconds",true,4);
      SKILL_TOLERATE=War3_AddRaceSkill(thisRaceID,"Tolerate"," up to 2 physical armor",true,4);
      SKILL_KINDNESS=War3_AddRaceSkill(thisRaceID,"Kindness","global heal up to 2 hp /s",true,4);
      ULTIMATE_YOUBEGENTLE=War3_AddRaceSkill(thisRaceID,"You're going to love me","target cannot deal damage for 1-1.8 seconds",true,4);


Releases / Announcements / September announcements
« on: September 01, 2011, 08:24:01 AM »
GRE test on september 1st

Force-fed vacation from september 2 - 24th in China*

Moving back to schoool september 24-25
School starts September 28

internet will be spotty at best, i don't believe everywhere i go will have internet.
I will have a SSH tunnel ready, punching holes in your great firewall.
And backtrack 4 with you know what in case someone is stupid enough to use WEP.
Yes i will do some programming out of boredom.

*force-fed means you are forced to go on a vacation, with every action dictated by your parents when you

Definition of stupidity: King of Prussia -bus- Philadelphia -train- Newark -air- Beijing -train- Shanghai. WHY THE FUCK DIDNT YOU BUY A TICKET FROM PHL TO PVG ????

My life is ruined

War3: Source - General Discussion / SourceCraft
« on: August 29, 2011, 10:29:44 AM »
i have put sourcecraft source (source as in code files) on the SVN "public" repository*

*just to show what we have outdone

War3: Source - General Discussion / Packaged races rant
« on: August 25, 2011, 10:15:47 AM »
<do not quote>packaged means able to be shoved down people's throats and they will enjoy it</do not quote> [get the analogy?]

i dont see what all the rage with CSS vs TF2 is about.
Is it because i never packaged a CSS only race?
i dont ever see any race that requires weapon restrictions or is melle based ever make it to TF2. just because its not compatible with one doesnt mean you should never make it.

Releases / Announcements / 1.2.3.x
« on: August 13, 2011, 08:34:52 AM »
war3source link on left

WARNING: backup all databases and server files.
The faster you can find these bugs, the faster i can fix them.

Make sure you update translations, extensions, gamedata...etc
Files may have been renamed


full invis player in CSS, weapon attachment are invisible.

RACE twilight sparkle
Buffhelper simple buff implemented, applys buff for simple duration

war3_bot_set_races 1 // should plugins set races for bots
SH cooldown error fix

Individual skill translations now possible (one skill is translated while others arn't)

Luna ult was not labled as an ult

Some Undead Balance
say speed in TF2 will print multiplier too
RACE: Rainbow dash
RACE: Twilight Sparkle

gamedata removed and CS drop weapon now uses SM native

fixed NAIX not leeching on kill when not in ducking mode.
fixed NAIX level 1 leech at 50% instead of 5%
fixed gold exceeding maxgold on kill
fixed NAIX automatically gaining additional hp from skill,
-skill now only increases additional hp from leeching via skill and does not modify actual maxhp via buff engine

Buff HP fix
Race restrictions bug, setting limit to 1 resetted all players when limit is reached

Minor warnings fixes

Check race on xp/gold give, show changerace if they dont have a race

Shop2 access flag
CSGO compatability

Naris: Changed hint engine to a more simple object model instead of using tries (may or may not reach handle limit)

Glider: Award XP on TF2 for destroying buildings, also don't let engis get xp for using their own teleporter and change the hardcoded 1k distance for teleporters to reward xp to a cvar

Revan: cs:go compatibility of races has been improved(sounds and sfx fixed) + made warden uses Mole skill on CS:GO

Blood Hunter Fire loop on victims fixed (no blood crazy if player is on fire??)

Addon: Goldbets

Quick defines
so you can if(GAMECS){ }
#define GAMECS GameCS()
#define GAMETF GameTF()
#define GAMEL4D1 GameL4D1()
#define GAMEL4D2 GameL4D2()
#define GAMEL4DAny GameL4DAny()
#define GAMECSGO GameCSGO()

night elf evasion reduced to 15% max

war3_chancemodifier_sentry and war3_chancemodifier_sentryrocket cvars added back
None to use attack rate dependent chance modifier. Set from 0.0 to 1.0 chance modifier for sentry, this will override time dependent chance modifier

Bash chance modifier fixed


death message blocking in the same frame. (SM will attempt to block the second message)
optimized succubus hunter
succubus headhunter changed to 100% chance to deal 0-20% damage (0-20 skulls). same applies to melee.
(succb translations changed, please re-translate for headhunter)

ValidPlayer(client,true,true) for checking alive via health also, useful for DamagePostHurt. this avoids double player score
claws and succubus now use this new method to check for "alive" to avoid double kill message. (DONT DEAL DAMAGE IF THEY ARE ALREADY DEAD)

Dragonborn scales armor reduced to 3
fixed dragonborn roar immunity check to skills (was on ultimate)
NEW RACE: LUNA (ponified name pending) MADE BY REVAN

Cooldown engine will no longer print X seconds remaining if do not print on expire flag is set
War3_DealDamage reverted to entity type to allow custom weapon name for death message

dark elf gravity leak
translation fixes

class restrictions. MAXIMUM OF 2 classes.
or i will come to your house and blow your greedy brains out.
war3 undead_restrictclass "spy"

race restrict checking moved from changerace to race restrictions engine
checks on join and spawn

checks for race on spawn and will give changerace menu if they dont have a race

forward changes:
forward OnWar3EventPostHurt(victim,attacker,dmgamount,[[[[[[[bool:isWarcraft]]]]]]]);
forward OnWar3EventDeath(victim,attacker,[[[[[[[deathrace]]]]]]]);

Note: not all of this is guaranteed to work on TF2, please contact me if you have any issues, and I'll fix them immediately.

Began expanding the Buff System:

fDodgeChance, //Registers a chance to dodge,
fVampirePercent, //Sets a % of damage done to give back as health
fBashChance, //Registers a chance to bash,
iBashDamage, //Does a certain amount of damage when you bash an enemy (more similar to warcraft 3's bash, default 0)
iBashDuration, //Sets the duration of bash's stun
fCritChance, //Registers a chance to crit,
iCritMode, //Default -1 (Set above this to enable) 1 (all damage qualifies for crit) 2 (bullet damage crit) 3 (grenade damage crit) 4 (melee damage crit) 5 (melee and bullet crit) 6 (melee and grenade crit) 7 (bullet and grenade crit)
fCritModifier, //Sets the critical strike modifer, default 1.0
iDamageMode, //Default -1 (Set above this to enable) 1 (all damage qualifies for damage increase) 2 (bullet damage damage increase) 3 (grenade damage damage increase) 4 (melee damage damage increase) 5 (melee and bullet damage increase) 6 (melee and grenade damage increase) 7 (bullet and grenade damage increase)

iDamageBonus, //Gives a direct increase to damage done
fDamageModifier, //Gives a % increase to damage done
MaxBuffLoopLimitTemp, //this is a variable that is for loops, this number is automatically generated fromt the enum.

New Forwards:
//Fired after a player dodges, useful primarily for attaching effects
forward OnW3DodgePost(victim,attacker);

//Fired before a player dodges, you can edit the dodge chance here
forward OnW3DodgePre(victim,attacker,Float:chance);

New Natives:

native War3_SuicideBomber(client, Float:location[], Float:damage, Float:radius, bool:effect=true);

native bool:War3_Teleport(client, Float:distance);

Big thanks to Invalid for his help on this one!
 * Creates a ward.
 * Odd/special cases:
 * If a ward is created with selfInflict=false, but affinity=SELF_ONLY, you get a ward that does nothing, essentially.
 * If a ward is created with a negative/zero duration, it will last until map change or until it is removed manually.
 * @param client: owner id
 * @param location: ward location
 * @param radius: ward effect radius
 * @param duration: ward duration. If negative or zero, duration is infinite (until map change). Don't forget to remove the ward!
 * @param pulseInterval: time between effect triggerings
 * @param damage: amount of damage/healing done per interval
 * @param healing: whether or not this ward heals
 * @param selfInflict: whether or not this ward applies effects to its owner
 * @param affinity: the targeting affinity for this ward. ENEMIES, ALLIES, ALL, or SELF_ONLY
 * @return ID for the ward created or -1 if the ward was not created
native _:War3_CreateWard(client, Float:location[], radius, Float:duration, Float:pulseInterval, damage, bool:healing=false, bool:selfInflict=false, War3WardAffinity:affinity=ENEMIES);

 * Removes a ward given an id
 * @param id: ward id
 * @return True if the ward was removed. False otherwise
native bool:War3_RemoveWard(id);

Recoded Undead Scourge and Human Alliance to use these new natives, forwards, and buffs, reducing the code in each file by ~75%!
More Buffs/Natives/Forwards are coming!


War3_GetSkillLevel now automatically accounts for current race.
this allows the programmer to skip War3_GetRace(client)==thisRaceid and directly test for the skill level instead
example //note the commented out sections // and /* */ in the red and green areas
WARNING: if your race prints silence, ult not leveled, etc, you still have to check for race
because we don't want 100 races printing the same thing at the same time

War3_SetSkillLevel has been replaced with War3_GetSkillLevelINTERNAL (no race uses this anyway, this is internal stuff)
War3_GetSkillLevelINTERNAL is the old style getting skill level (persistance level value thats stored with the database)

forward OnSkillLevelChanged(client,race,skill,newskilllevel);
will now forward on a skill change, with the old race having the newskilllevel of 0
(zeros out the "apparrent" skill level of that race)
and the new race's skill level's come subsequently.

shopmenu2 workaround:
<dvander> DarkEnergy, the problem is that there are two memory management systems competing, Handles and explicit C++, and at the intersection there is a bug in the menu code
<dvander> that is rather complicated
<dvander> so you get a double-free
<dvander> DarkEnergy, you could work around this by cheating a little
<dvander> DarkEnergy: HandleSecurity sec(myself, myself);
<dvander> handlesys->FreeHandle(menu->GetHandle(), &sec);
<dvander> to totally prevent leaks, you'll want something a little more accurate:
<dvander> if (menu->GetHandle() == BAD_HANDLE) {
<dvander>     menu->Destroy();
<dvander> } else {
<dvander>     handlesys->FreeHandle(menu->GetHandle(), &sec);
<dvander> }
<dvander> to make sure i got the security line right, youll want to make sure that handlesys actually returns a non-error value

skill registration no longer requires "false,4);" to specify the skill is NOT and ultimate and has 4 levels, these are now default parameters

Setting max health is no longer allowed, it should be done within the buff system.
Fixed issues where max health was much more than it was suppose to.

new EVENT:OnBuffChanged allows us to respond when a buff changes
public OnWar3Event(W3EVENT:event,client){

shop2 items translated (THANKS)
fixed shop2 non existant natives
shop2 translations begin with w3s.item2. instead of w3s.item
hint and cooldown engine now checked by system check in case of handle leaks
FIXED a hint handle leak
fix scout vanish leaking into next spawn
fixed a swap argument in W3HasAura (facehoof)
playerinfo shows shop2 items
playerinfo <argument> automatically makes a menu with client's names that match the argument


Hint engine fix: automatically force refresh after spawn
New addon: automatically buy item if their gold is at maximum at spawn
("war3_autobuy_on_max_gold","lace","automatically buy this item if their gold is full");
//thanks for translating

some natives exposed

TF2: invis tf_wearables too!!!! and exceptions like tf_wearables_demoshield.
if you find a weapon that doesnt invis, search for it in server console: "find_ent tf_wear" and paste the result or find the item.

*note "Cannot Invis. Being revealed" needs translating in Engine_BuffSpeedGravGlow

Fixed extension scheduling error
Extension debugging of shopmenu2 crash

BLOOD MAGE: balance needed. KDR low and WLR high
banish chance increased to 20%, duration reduced to 0.2 seconds
revival chance reduced to 50% maximum at spawn. minimum of 2% per level (from 2.5%)

NEW ENGINE: race restrictions
currently checks for minlevel, admin requirements.
Functionality is basically from changerace but now exposed to allow database handler also check for race restricitons (on join)

fixed EXT not loaded spamming (you should still load it anyway)

Human teleport will abort of initial aim end point is < 150 units. Prevents lame short teleports...
Fixed minor startup error from shopmenu

ITEM2: snake bracelet 5% evasion
ITEM2: fortified bracers +10 HP
FIX: Major error in item2 registration

Recursive includes eliminated(SM compiler has changed).

nerfed naix. updated english translations for naix.
statistics transmits war3revision and stats version for better filtering.
scout no longer hidden, now the 18th race
Dark Elf packaged with some changes:
Tribunal speed up amount and health decay amount.
Tribunal no cooldown and is +ability toggle. Color animation fix and consideration for spies.
Dragon born packaged with some changes:
static range for roar, level increases duration
scales only give physical armor
Dragonborn is 15% chance of immunity of ward/slow/skill/ult
ULT: breath: 5 second jarate for both teams.
Reduced Carrion Beetles damage to 10
Improved HP regen/decay engine, now instantaneously responsive to new regen decay values. It does use a little more cpu.

Error messages for extension failure

Forward for checking load conditions and silent failure. Return false to silently fail.
Example: this plugin should only load when game is TF
public LoadCheck(){
   return GameTF();

native name change
W3Denyable is now !W3Denied

fixed human health buff on tf2 and css

War3: Source - General Discussion / Got Brony?
« on: July 29, 2011, 09:13:02 PM »
My little fortress
I used to wonder what teamwork could be
Until you all share dispencer with me!
Big adventures
Mmf Mmf Mmf
A beautiful heart
Faithful and strong
Sharing Kindness
Is an easy feat, and sandvich makes it all complete!
You have myyyyyyyy little fortress
Do you know you're all my very best frieeeeeeends

War3: Source - General Discussion / Chance Modifier Change
« on: June 29, 2011, 05:00:39 PM »
Chance Modifier - a cvar that controls triggering probability of skills and such from a damage source like a weapon

As tf2 has all sorts of weapons which deal different amount of damage and has a variety of attack speeds, in order to balance the strengths of each race that have chance of "proc"ing a set amount of damage, ie crypt's beetles and warden's knives and shadow strike.

skills that have equivalent effective damage from proc-ing such as orc critical strike does not have a chance modifier, and constant proc skills like evade and trueshot do not have chance modifier.

change the way the chance modifier works:
there will no longer be cvars because it is hard to know what are good values for them and hard to test, to cover every weapon in existence with a cvar is impossible.
chance modifier is determined by the last time someone was hit (any victim)
attacker does not gain full proc chance by switching targets rapidly.
on initial damage (last damage dealt was a long time ago) the skill has native chance of proc-ing.

for rapid fire weapons, such as the minigun and sentries, needle gun, SMG, a time base solution would work well, as their rapid firing rates mean a lower time period between player damages, which in turn results in a lower proc-ing chance.
slow firing weapons will the maximum proc percentage native the the skill, like soldier's rocket.

please comment on what you think about this new strategy

War3: Source - General Discussion / plugin integrity check
« on: June 29, 2011, 09:16:05 AM »
some plugins, namely "statistics" and "extension helper" require integrity checking, as in these plugins are not meant to be modified. Modifying these files can cause crashes and inaccurate data.

.smx files are compressed using the zlib, and also have timestamp and file paths in then, so each compile of the same file produces a file that looks completely different.

To force integrity, this is what is proposed:
Prevent users from compiling by warning them when they try to compile. However users are able to compile by removing the warning. Integrity checking is done by the extension library, and features are not enabled if integrity is not met.

Plugin must initiate a call to the extension, which then hashes the file, checks with a webserver to see if the hash is valid.

War3: Source - General Discussion / SUMMER!!!
« on: June 12, 2011, 08:47:37 PM »
Guess what? school is out, and that means i get to spend more time working on W3S!!!
Post your requests on the requests forum!!!

Releases / Announcements / 1.2.2.x
« on: May 15, 2011, 12:34:48 PM »
war3source link on left is considered FINAL STABLE

Main features are extensions for objects, and hints printout engine

WARNING: backup all databases and server files.
The faster you can find these bugs, the faster i can fix them.

Make sure you update translations, extensions, gamedata...etc
Files may have been renamed

These functions have changed, please modify your race accordingly
what has been bolded means it has been removed or changed
OLD War3_CooldownMGR(client,

NEW War3_CooldownMGR(client,Float:cooldownTime,raceid,skillNum,bool:resetOnSpawn=true,bool:printMsgOnExpireByTime=true);
OLD W3SkillCooldownOnSpawn(raceid,skillnum,Float:cooldownTime,bool:printmsg=true,String:skillnameDEPRECATEDPARAM[]);
NEW W3SkillCooldownOnSpawn(raceid,skillnum,Float:cooldownTime,bool:printmsgonexpire=true);  
OLD OnRaceSelected(client,newrace)
NEW OnRaceChanged(client,oldrace,newrace)
CHANGED stock W3PrintSkillDmgConsole(victim=0,attacker,damage,SKILL_NUM)
CHANGED stock W3PrintSkillDmgHint(victim=0,attacker,damage,SKILL_NUM)
now takes the skill num in the last argument instead of the skill name, automatically gets the correct translation, ie pass SKILL_LEECH or ULT_SUICIDE
OLD public APLRes:AskPluginLoad2
NEW public APLRes:AskPluginLoad2Custom
interface needs AskPluginLoad2 now, your race needs to use the ...Custom

All files beginning with SH_ are NOT required to run war3source in, if you copy them to your plugins folder, they shall not interfere with war3source, if they do report it as a bug.
All War3source files are required to run SH
Post new heroes in the races forum, and hero fixes of the package heroes directly in this topic.

To enable SuperHero:Source mode:
type shmode in server console, restart server

Make sure you check your error logs if server doesn't start.

Priority of getting bugs fixed:
war3source feature not working
anything interfering with war3source
SH feature not working
anything interfering with SH
print text issues (such as using [War3Source] instead of [SH])



fixed some dependencies and native errors
fixed error when awarding xp without race
1 diamond is given per second for each player on a team
XPGold engine now split for separate mods
W3GetKillXP accepts client again
W3GiveXPGold no longer accepts race and will automatically uses current race
reduced shadow hunter ult duration by 0.33
some effects are by apparrent team on tf2 (spy)
some effects wont display if player is invis (tf)
fixed race list when a race has "hidden" flag
weapon firing rate modification on disarm
"Cannot invis, being revealed" will be printed if the player is denied invis when the player would normally be (partially) invis

changes to intro menu
war3_introclanname cvar for customizing the intro menu, ie: Welcome to "war3_introclanname" war3source server!
war3_clanurl cvar for customizing the intro menu
Translators: please change the translations for intromenu

test race: SCOUT


war3_hint_enabled removed

tweaks in chancerace menu handling

fHPDecay buff for continuous loss of HP, no proper kill credits yet
Sacred Warrrior now uses fHPRegen buff and fHPDecay
Soul reaper now uses Aura tracking and fHPDecay

SMBatchCompile.exe updated, using compile.exe to compile. .sp files are randomly spread across 4 compile threads

buffs for speed gravity and glow are calculated in a seprate engine

moved claw damage to posthurt
optimized shopitems 1

succubs assault tackle cooldown is now 10 (why it was at 3 idk)

fixed damage recieved displayed in improper language

optimized aura engine

cvar war3_max_shopitems and war3_max_shopitems2 for limits on how many items a person can have for each shopmenu

suiciding on spy is not allowed

W3Denyable(event id, client) and W3Deny() is a
simple system of messaging where one plugin initiates a W3Denyable call and another addon would hook and call W3Deny() to block.
this allows main engine to expose control paths to addons.
this is just an easier event than War3Event but offers less flexibility.
for an example, see undead and addon_nospysuicide

banish reduced to 0.4 duration and no longer changes the victim's aim


Glider 010711:
   * New function in the Interface: bool:War3_IsL4DZombieEntity(iEntity)
      * Shortcut for War3_IsCommonInfected(iEntity) || War3_IsWitch(iEntity)
        * Also returns false if the game engine is not l4d!
   * Damage System engine:
      * Check if a player is valid before checking if we should check immunitys
      * Replaced some checks with War3_IsL4DZombieEntity

TF2 Speed buff system fixed. It did not set speed to zero when intended, so we now set speed to 1.0000


   * Added new stock War3_PrecacheParticle(String:particlename[]) to precache particles
      * Please note that this will not add the Particle to the download table automatically!
   * Precache the achieved particle in the level up particle addon for games that use iT
   * EXPERIMENTAL L4D2 SUPPORT! (I have not tested L4D1 and don't plan to anytime soon)
   + Engine/Addon Changes
   * Added UI/hint.wav to the files that are supposed to be precached since it wasn't on L4D2
   * Made LevelUpParticle work for L4D2
   * Prevented sounds from being added to the downloads table on a l4d/2 server
   * Changed the damage engine to properly handle common infected and witches
   * Changed the changerace code to allow race changing while standing in a saferoom on l4d/2
      * Added an addon that allows race changing for the first few minutes on maps that don't have
        a saferoom
     * Allow race change in a survival game that has not started yet
     * Added special/common/uncommon infected aswell as the witch to the xp engine so you get credit for killing/surviving
        * Lots of cvars to tweak these values for your server! Look out for war3_l4d
        * Some of these don't seem to work properly yet (defib...)
   * When somebody calls "resetskills" their skills will be reset next time they enter a saferoom
      * If you are already in a saferoom you need to go out and back in currently
   + Include changes
   * Don't load any offsets when the engine is l4d/2
   * Added some new constants for W3XPAwardedBy. I'm not too fond of them, so they might disappear or be changed soon
   * W3IsDamageFromMelee returns correctly for l4d2
   * Added lots of new stuff to the War3Source_Interface
      * bool:War3_IsL4DEngine()
         * shortcut for checking if the engine is l4d or l4d2
      * bool:War3_IsCommonInfected(iEntity)
         * Check if iEntity is a zombie entity (common or uncommon)
      * bool:War3_IsUncommonInfected(iEntity)
         * Check if iEntity has a uncommon zombie model
      * bool:War3_IsWitch(iEntity)
         * Check if iEntity is a witch
      * GetSurvivorTempHealth(client)
         * Get the amount of temporary health (pills/adrenaline...) a client has
      * SetSurvivorTempHealth(client, hp)
         * Set the value of the temporary health (pills/adrenaline) of client to hp
      * GetMaxMagSize(const String:weapon[])
         * Returns the max amount of ammo a mag can hold for the given gun. I have only added the values for l4d, so please port this for tf2/css/dod:s
      * GetMaxBackupAmmo(const String:weapon[])
         * Returns the max amount of ammo a gun can hold as backup. I have only added the values for l4d, so please port this for tf2/css/dod:s

war3_hint_enabled 0/1 cvar for hint engine, why would you ever turn it off though? you can still see the votes.
EXT: fixed possible startup hang on linux

REDUCED default chance modifiers of sentry shots and burn shots to 0.1 (from 0.125)

crypt and naix now have chance modifiers implemented on posthurt
fixed other chance modifiers

only allow 1 death message that is forwarded per frame per victim maximum to prevent double xp kills

TF ONLY: chance modifier change, chance is now based on time since last bullet hit.
linearly reduced as last hit time goes from 1.0 seconds ago to 0.0 seconds ago.
(if last hit was X seconds ago, chance is reduced to X percent chance on top of the original chance when implemented correctly)
W3ChanceModifier returns 1.0 if last damage was longer than 1.0 seconds.
Chance modifier time interval is only triggered on "bullet" damage

TF ONLY: claw damage is now PER SECOND (default to 15) equivalent
except first shot (first shot deals 50% of that damage),  
that means low rate of fire weapons like rocket launcher won't always reach 15 damage per second.
this algorithm may be changed later

fixed naix leeching off self damage
naix feast prints hp gained to console
fixed incorrect semaphore behavior on linux, causing servers to hang after 20 seconds


fixed rewarding extra xp for melee kills
some xp reward cvars have changed by default
added giving XP for touching hostages and losing xp for killing one

additional translations: (please translate the following 5 phrases, notice these are "lost" not "gained" )
You have lost {amount} XP and {amount} gold for {award}"
You have lost {amount} XP for {award}"
You have lost {amount} gold for {award}"
"killing a hostage"
"touching a hostage"

touching hostage gains same amount as rescue
killing hostage loses twice as much as rescue

fixed translation not found error for sh._common
system check is now case insensitive

now correctly updates server info to master server
feature: automatic gamedata updates


level up print prints the race (please translate, its in War3Source_Addon_LevelUpParticle)
discovered a sourcemod bug, replacestring not respecting max length and overwriting other people's memory, resulted in infinite loop.
buffer sizes have increased to counter this problem for now, this may also fix stack errors
Thanks to Dragonfly for allowing Ownz to diagnose the problem on his server.

FIXED orc chain lighning cooldown


marked natives as optional, for debugging purposes
removed DLL visual studio redistrubutable dependency
fixed and improved hint engine and cooldown engine to work with tf2 correctly


database not connected warning in race/hero menu
print plugin name when damage engine errors one a few specific errors and how packaged inside w3incs, those will be used by the .sp files

fixed cooldownmgr handle leak


Extensions are now used, update the extensions folder!!
Report as bug if they do not load or have errors!
I can help you setup, PM ownz

skillcount now ignores zero, aka skillnum of zero is invalid, if your race uses hard coded numbers, they will have errors
loop from 1 to skillcount

levels should not be lost, however:
last skill will lose levels due to shift in skill level storage:
[4 4 4 4] -> [4 4 4 0] but still level 16

skillid of 0 is now invalid

HINT engine, one plugin to manage all hint messages
attaches other messages to itself for compatability

Object engine:
for flexible data management, psudo object oriented approach, can be used as arraylists

War3: Source - General Discussion / css tf2 update breaks meta/sm
« on: April 14, 2011, 10:23:36 PM »
latest builds from sm and meta all work
use 1.3
1.8 should be fine

SDKhooks 2.0 is now required
remove old installation of sdkhooks first

if you know something works, post it here

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